La Garrotxa: a land of healthy living


La Garrotxa: a land of healthy living

10 Jul

Food in different countries is defined, among other factors, by territory, tradition, history and economy. Food is an element of cultural identity. Throughout the years, the Mediterranean diet has proven to be one of the healthiest in the world. It is considered one of the most nutritionally balanced, enriched and one that offers the pleasure of enjoying tasty dishes. Olive oil, legumes, fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, among other high quality and fresh products, are all part of the Mediterranean diet which is listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Over time, people have also come to realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Food, together with physical activity and relaxation methods, contribute to personal wellbeing which is fundamental given the incessant rhythm of life.

La Garrotxa is one of the counties that sums up all the elements for healthy living. The land’s produce, grown and cultivated by local farmers, is now cherished more than ever and present in the dishes offered in restaurants. Since 1994, the Volcanic Cuisine association has been working closely with all local stakeholders to offer this 100% indigenous quality product. Nearly ten restaurants are now part of this group. Their dishes include products such as; the Santa Pau beans, La Vall d’en Bas potato, buckwheat, veal from la Garrotxa, black turnip or the ‘Serrat d'Ovella’ cheese (sheep’s cheese), elaborated in local farms which also offer visits for anyone who ‘s interested.

La Garrotxa is a scenic region surrounded by natural beauty, the perfect setting for outdoor activity as well as a good place to relax. A good example is the Alta Garrotxa, an area in la Garrotxa with a wide range of hiking itineraries amongst different natural ecosystems: helm oak groves, riparian forest, oak groves, beech forests and mountain meadows. This is a landscape that entices you to go out and breathe in fresh air. One can discover valleys, cliffs and rock walls that hide natural pools of crystal clear water within its borders. This natural environment is often chosen for yoga and meditation practice. Moving away from everyday stress via breathing techniques, relaxing the mind, sleeping well and keeping away negative thoughts, improves the quality of life. All these aspects are summed up in one word: QUIETNESS.

Those who live in La Garrotxa are lucky enough to be able to disconnect healthily. Enjoying a good environment, great food with a wide range of quality products and the chance to energize in a large natural space free of noise, pollution and other modern-day drawbacks, is an asset.

Tranquillity is an increasingly valued word. Being at peace with yourself and your environment makes you feel good, happy, optimistic, eager and driven. You are relaxed, you enjoy the moment, you are more productive, you are better company, you are more receptive and you value what you have.

From Nit i Vol, a receptive travel agency in La Garrotxa, we can help you enjoy this tranquillity in the region. With the offer of ‘Wellbeing in Nature’, we will guide you in order to find what you, your family or friends need to ensure a pleasant stay. A wellness getaway that will surely renew you.