La Garrotxa at its most rural


One day at the farm

25 Jul

The association ‘Visita Granges’ (Visit Farms) was recently created in La Garrotxa, a region where agricultural and livestock traditions are still very alive. It encourages visitors to feel, see, play, experience and, above all, be able to ask and learn about us. Farmers, who every single day of the year are in charge of vegetable gardens and animals, means that what is offered at the market is a product of the highest quality.

Opening the doors of our farms and vegetable gardens helps us to value our product and give visitors the knowledge needed when buying, or valuing different types of products: a local product, an animal welfare certified product or a ‘direct from the producer’ product, amongst others.

In Olot, the visitor through the guided tour ‘DO Olotina’ can stroll through the stalls of the municipal market and taste the local produce whilst choosing what he or she wants to eat and cook it in the restaurant La Cuina del Mercat. Throughout the region our product offer is available in the markets or in the ‘agro-shops’ direct from local farmers, so stop by before you leave!

The love for our land makes us work for continuous improvement. La Garrotxa with its Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone, its protected areas and its certification obtained from the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, says a lot about the territory that we love, of the synergies we create between producers, market, ‘agro-shops’ and restaurants in order to offer the visitor the best quality in local products.

In Mas la Coromina, located at the foot of the Puigsacalm Mountain in La Vall d'en Bas region, in La Garrotxa, we welcome you to our house so you learn about a farmer’s daily life.

If you ever wonder what to do in La Garrotxa, one of the activities that will enable you to learn about agricultural life is the activity “Put your boots on”, suitable for anyone over 12 years old. You will put your boots on and accompany us on the daily routine of taking care of our animals.

We believe that the best way to promote and value our work is to invite visitors to come along for one morning at the farm. Technological advances have facilitated many processes, but there are many others that have kept the traditional ways, preserving what our grandparents did before us.

We love our work, our farmhouse, our farm, our tractors, our tools, our cows, rabbits and calves, and we invite you to come and take care of them with us so that you live the experience of being a farmer for a day!

All the visits have a hands-on and lively approach. You’ll see how we milk our cows, touch the soft skin of newly-born calves and feed the animals. In the multipurpose room, through games and workshops, both children and adults will have the opportunity to learn more about the life and metabolism of cows and the advantages and properties of milk.

At the end of the activity, you will be able to taste our cows’ milk and other by-products. In our shop you’ll be able to buy all our products.
The visits are guided and conducted by Albert and Isabel, owners and managers of the family farm.

On our website: you can check availability for visits.