Taxitour Garrotxa

Minimum capacity: 1
Maximum capacity: 8

Taxitour Garrotxa

Passenger transport service by taxi and rental vehicle with driver. 4-seater passenger cars with driver, 7-seater mini van with driver and 8-seater van with driver.

Full description:

Passenger transport service by taxi and rental vehicles with driver. Short, medium and long distance journeys with a capacity of 1 to 8 seats, fleet of 6 vehicles and collaboration to coordinate major events with other taxi fleets. With schedules to be agreed 24 hours a day and on working days and holidays.

Medium and high-end vehicles on demand from customers.

We transport people, bicycles, special equipment, urgent orders. We take you with your friends, family, work colleagues to the point where you need it, the start of a walking or cycling route, to an airport, train station, hotels, for medical reasons to a mutual, medical center...

To consult: different tourist routes through the Vall de Bianya.

WhatsApp: 639381729
Instagram: @taxitourgarrotxa

Hours: 24 hours for services on order