Romanesque churches of La Garrotxa

Minimum capacity: 2
Maximum capacity: 20

Romanesque churches of La Garrotxa

Many of these buildings are small chapels scattered throughout the territory and located in strategic places: mountain peaks, valley bottoms, volcanic cones, cliffs and ridges. Access to many hermitages is via historical paths that once connected them with the nearby villages or with the most important farmhouses in the region. Some of these paths are still well preserved and hide small pontoons and fresh water springs that accompanied them. The corners of the Bianya valley are home to up to 16 Romanesque hermitages. A valley floor with crops and meadows, accompanied by patches of pine oak forests, with many farmhouses scattered, shapes the current landscape, the result of an intense history. On the other hand, the hermitages of the Corb valley, next to The Jordà beech forest and the old lava flows, have been writing the history of the territory for centuries.

DAY 1.
Arrival in Olot and get to the accommodation.

DAY 2.
In the heart of Garrotxa, but connected to Ripollès by the Roman road of Capsacosta (Via Annia), we find the valley of Bianya. Only within the valley itself we find up to seven ancient churches that in times past were one of the social and cultural engines of the people of the valley. The route connects four of these hermitages and then climbs the Serra de Sant Miquel del Mont to reach the highest point of the day’s excursion, which is the hermitage that gives its name to the whole mountain range. The views from this point are magnificent. The last part of the route will be a pleasant descent to the city of Olot. Apart from the hermitages visited, we will be able to enjoy an itinerary in the middle of nature that passes through holm oak and oak forests and crosses torrents and streams fed by various sources of good and fresh water.

DAY 3.
We will leave on foot from the same accommodation and passing by the wetlands of La Moixina, we will approach the Serra del Corb. This mountain range, which separates the waters of the Fluvià and Ter basins, hides corners of great beauty. After a first determined but short climb, we will reach the Racó volcano which offers us good views of much of the Bas valley and the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa. A pleasant path will take us to the hermitages of El Corb: Sant Miquel and Sant Martí, true pictures of the Garrotxa landscape. Then, and on the way back to Olot, we can get lost for a while in The Jordà beech forest, a unique forest in the world that corresponds to one of the nature reserves of the Park.

SELF-GUIDED on foot. 3 days / 2 nights
190€ /person
Minimum 2 people.
Double room.

2 nights.
2 breakfasts
1 packed lunch.

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