Espai Cràter, beyond volcanoes


Espai Cràter, beyond volcanoes

14 Oct

The Garrotxa region has a unique volcanic landscape, of great natural value and unique idiosyncrasy. More than 45 volcanic cones and 20 lava flows have given shape and character to the territory. An environment to be enjoyed at ease in order to understand its values. In this landscape context, Espai Cràter was born. Located in the town of Olot, this new facility synthesizes information from the whole territory so that it can be interpreted and understood in all its essence. A visit that will help you read and fully discover the landscapes of La Garrotxa.

An interactive exhibition, with analog and technological elements (virtual reality glasses, backlit models, recreation of volcanoes and immersive spaces, among others), that will delight all visitors. The exhibition has been organized together with social and educational agents of the territory and the company Indissoluble, which has set up exhibitions like the Cosmocaixa (“la Caixa” Science Museum), and with a scientific committee led by the CSIC GEO3BCN (Consell Superior d'Investigacions Científiques ). A multidisciplinary team of experts who have managed to set up a fun, friendly, innovative and scientifically rigorous exhibition.

It is also necessary to highlight the work that was carried out in 2019 at a social level in order to be able to develop the essence of this project. A 9 months participative process with more than 70 people and agents of the territory. This commendable work also served to improve the project and incorporate different points-of-view and experience. It also helped everyone incorporate the design aspect into the equipment, improve the educational experience, and incorporate gender language into the expository narrative.

Along with the exhibition, the architecture of the building will also be a must-see. It is a semi-underground building that offers the town an urban park of 4,000 square meters on its rooftop, landscaped with indigenous species: pedunculate oak, beech, maple, walnut and holly. The unique location, located within the Puig del Roser volcano, and a few metres from the Montsacopa volcano, one of the most visited in the whole region is essential. Right in the center of the town and a few metres from other cultural tourist attractions.

In the centre it will have a shop, a classroom for family-orientated workshops and will offer an annual fixed activity program. At the same time, it will work alongside the La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park and Turisme Garrotxa, on the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, and other projects of impact and improvement of the territory.

Espai Cràter will have its own educational syllabus and activities available to schools and visitors, which include, among others, guided tours of the facility and its surroundings to discover, in depth, the hidden secrets of the volcanic landscape of La Garrotxa. . The auditorium will host social and cultural activities linked to the territory and aimed mainly at the local population.