Postcard landscape in La Garrotxa

25 Jul

La Garrotxa is one of the most fertile areas in Catalonia, a territory with a highly valuable natural heritage. A peculiar landscape with more than 40 volcanic cones and 20 solidified lava flows. A territory of contrasts; volcanoes; beech forests of exceptional landscape value; basaltic cliffs; valleys; rivers; fields and farm houses surrounded by croplands; charming medieval villages; river gorges and waterfalls; Holm oak forests and oak groves, and numerous Romanesque hermitages. This beautiful cultural landscape of La Garrotxa gave rise to ‘L’Escola Olotina del Paisatge’ (The landscape School of Olot), founded by various painters in Olot at the end of the 19th century.

L’Escola d’Olot (the Olot School) (link) not only was composed by local painters, but also artists from other parts that used La Garrotxa’s landscape as a source of inspiration for their work, marked by freedom of style and technique.

The Landscape School of Olot has similarities with to the Landscape School of Barbizon. Its founder was Joaquim Vayreda, who captured on the canvas a great amount of different versions of Olot’s environment. Vayreda’s paintings attracted different artists such as Casas, Rusiñol, Barrau, Galwey amongst others, who decided to come to Olot to paint its natural scenery. Paintings of blooming buckwheat fields; poppy fields; La Moixina’s wetlands, the Alta Garrotxa scenery, villages of La Vall d’en Bas, genre and religious scenery…

Olot’s artistic tradition was reinforced by the creation of Olot’s Art School in 1783 together with the establishment of various workshops dedicated to religious imaginary reproduction. The first workshop of this kind was called ‘El Arte Cristiano’, nowadays the old factory has been converted El Museu dels Sants (link).

Nit i Vol, Incoming travel agency, we offer the possibility of discovering La Garrotxa’s great natural heritage through our package holiday: La Garrotxa’s postcard landscapes.

During 5 days you’ll discover the territory’s most spectacular scenery, following paths and going through picturesque villages; enjoy a horseback ride in La Fageda d’en Jordà; a night walk through La Moixina’s wetlands; live the experience of flying in a hot-air balloon from Vol de Coloms, over La Garrotxa’s Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone – the best example of volcanic landscape in the Iberian Peninsula. A balloon flight is the best way to discover La Garrotxa’s territory from the air, contemplating the volcanoes from a bird’s eye view perspective. Last but not least, you’ll become a landscape painter for the day. You’ll visit a painter’s workshop and create your own painting in the middle of Nature accompanied by a local painter.

This activity is ideal for groups of people with an interest in painting and landscape. It is recommended for couples, groups of friends or families.

We always adapt our offer to individual needs and preferences. At Nit i Vol our objective is to offer made-to-measure local and authentic experiences that connect travelers with the territory. We’re specialized in the design and commercialization of corporative and leisure travel in La Garrotxa and Girona. We encourage sustainable tourism; a slow-pace way of travelling through experiences that reflect the cultural, natural and social character of the destination.

Our packages include activities that bring travelers in contact with nature, culture, gastronomy and local heritage. We offer from incentive and event trips for businesses, small meetings, trips for couples, groups or families, to wellness, gastronomic, adventure and nature escapes. We come close to nature in an active way: hiking, horseback riding or cycling, through accessible trips, exclusive trips and ‘rough luxury’ for personal enrichment. Luxury understood as time for meditation, connecting with nature and social exchange through singular experiences.

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