Ésdansa, the most international cultural commitment in La Garrotxa


Ésdansa, the most international cultural commitment in La Garrotxa

14 Jun

In the last years the festival has experienced a great increase, both in number of proposals - not only scenic based but also educational and creative dances - as in numbers of spectators. Its success is partly due to the fact that the festival has been locally rooted and has created synergies with the region’s natural, tourist and cultural  points of interest, inviting attendees to enjoy the shows, at the same time as to experience and discover La Garrotxa’s surroundings for a whole week, with family and friends.

In the 2018 edition, for example, we were able to offer two of these shows that invited one to discover two dance shows declared World Heritage Cultural Activities by UNESCO in some of the most unique surroundings. The Clot de l'Infern at the Parc de Pedra Tosca became a natural and nocturnal place that hosted ‘Saman’, the dance of the thousand hands of Indonesia. Up in the Corb area we uncovered the culture of the nomads of Mongolia in a unique dwelling - a yurt. The sounds of khöömi song and the movements of the Biyelgee dances here were a hypnotic experience.

Without a doubt, the Ésdansa festival that takes place during the last week of August, is already considered one of the main tourist attractions for Les Preses and, in turn, for all La Garrotxa, being on the one hand authentic and exotic in equal mesures, and on the other, offering high quality performances; some  of the dances belonging to The Immaterial Patrimony of Humanity.

Ésdansa celebrates its 37th edition from the 19th of August to the 15th.