Walking along ancient trails

Minimum capacity: 2
Maximum capacity: 20

Walking along ancient trails

The roads that are now preserved used to be the main link between the territories. The ancient roads aimed to unite people, bring people closer to religious places of worship or become access to natural resources. Some of the oldest preserved paths in Catalonia can be found in the Garrotxa region.

These historic paths cross unique natural environments, such as the Bianya valley, the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park or the Bas valley. A territory with a Central European climate and transformed by human action has ended up becoming a friendly landscape represented by a mosaic of forests of holm oaks, oaks and beeches, meadows and crops.

The routes of the two proposed excursions pass through the Itinerànnia network of trails, a network of paths of more than 2,500 km that connects the territories of La Garrotxa, Alt Empordà and Ripollès.

Arrival in Olot and installation at the accommodation. Free time for dinner.

Departure from the accommodation to Sant Pau de Segúries. The main objective of the day is to follow the best-preserved section of the Via Annia, a Roman road that began on the Via Augusta, near Figueres, and which after crossing the Empordà plain and the lands of La Garrotxa, crossed the Pyrenees by the Ares pass, to reconnect with the main road on the outskirts of Perpignan. Once in the Bianya valley, the path winds along the river until it reaches the Hostalnou de Bianya. From here, following the old road that connected the lands of Bianya with the domains of the county of Besalú, we will reach Olot.

Distance: 18,5 km | Climb: +450 m / -910 m

Departure from Olot to the Hostalets d’en Bas. We will go to find the route of the main road that once connected Olot with Vic. The path gains height as it winds through the holm oak grove and the higher up, the better preserved is the cobblestones of the path. After the spring of the Marrades, you reach the top of the cliffs of Falgars. The route continues along the cliffs, passing through lush meadows and meadows and crossing torrents and streams that, when it rains, rush to the Bas valley, forming an intermittent curtain of waterfalls. The next goal is immediately visible: Sant Miquel de Castelló. It is a building of medieval origin, related to the castle of the Viscounts of Bas. The panorama from the viewpoint of the hermitage is spectacular. The path we have left to reach the starting point is a descent along the old path that connected the village of Hostalets d’en Bas with the construction of Sant Miquel.

Distance: 12,4 km | Climb: +540 m / -540 m

The roadbook
The roadbook for the participants, includes all the information necessary for the proper functioning of the hiking days in the Natural Park of La Garrotxa. General information about the area with services and telephone numbers of interest, careful description of the route of the two days with specific directions to follow the routes and not get lost, additional information about the volcanic area in general and additional information about flora, fauna, geology, history and culture of the places of interest through which the described paths pass.

3 days/ 2 nights
Minimum: 2 people
Price: from 190€ / person (double room)

2 nights bed & breakfast
1 packed lunch
Route book with the itinerary and complementary information on flora, fauna, geology, history and culture
Not included:
Transport to/from  La Garrotxa

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