Restaurant El Fortí del volcà Montsacopa

Minimum capacity: 1
Maximum capacity: 60

Restaurant El Fortí del volcà Montsacopa

This is a small restaurant located at the top of the Montsacopa volcano, in the center of Olot, in a natural setting of great historical and scenic value with panoramic views of Olot and the Vall d'en Bas.

It offers breakfasts, vermouths, quality gastro-tapas and snacks, lunches, dinners, company meals and celebrations.

The restaurant is defined as a Gastro-panicic space with a modern kitchen and author prepared with products of proximity.

The car parks are just at the foot of the volcano (car parks of the municipal cemetery and of the place of the Rhodes, located to little more than 5 minutes of the restaurant). Access by car to the same restaurant is only allowed to people with reduced mobility, upon request at the same restaurant.

In winter, open on weekends and holidays.