Events with a volcanic essence

14 Oct

After more than a year of the pandemic, the alleviation of restrictions has allowed for some incentive events and trips organized by companies. Organizations want their employees to re-establish personal contact and at the same time encourage their customers. La Garrotxa is the perfect setting to host these smaller groups.

Although recovery is slow, some of the parameters that were already favourable for destinations such as La Garrotxa have been strengthened: destinations that are not very crowded and with many possibilities for outdoor activities and contact with nature.

La Garrotxa has a superb natural landscape that surprises those who visit, and plays an important role in its areas for events - fully integrated into the environment. At the same time, its gastronomic culture merges with the landscape and designs culinary experiences with a distinct local character. Villages full of beautiful corners and culture, ancient churches hidden in century-old forests and streams that fill the territory with life.

La Garrotxa’s most unique product is its rural accommodation, which allow exclusivity for small groups. Combining this type of accommodation with friendly and knowledgeable local guides, makes the experiences memorable.

Businesses look for amazing, versatile destinations that can guarantee easy access to technology and adequate spaces for their incentive or corporate events. One hour from Barcelona airport and less than an hour from the Costa Brava, La Garrotxa offers all this with the added value of its natural beauty. The perfect setting for those unfamiliar with this land of volcanoes.