The light of La Garrotxa, a photographic paradise


The light of La Garrotxa, a photographic paradise

10 Jul

My name is Carles Alonso and I am a landscape and travel photographer. As such, my goal is to capture and convey the beauty of a place through images that awaken in the viewer a curiosity to discover it.

La Garrotxa is a place I have visited hundreds of times, and still today I find opportunities to discover new places and look for the dream photograph. The combination of tradition, rural world and perfect light is very tempting, welcoming and attractive. All photographers look for a variety that allows us to nurture creativity and the relentless need to create. Having such a diverse territory at your fingertips is a luxury and a good resource for inspiration. This variety is fueled by the great seasonal changes that, combined with a changing light, create countless possibilities.

On the one hand, it has the richness of its landscapes, which vary completely depending on the time of year. The well-known Jordà beech forest, surrounded by volcanoes, a lush forest in spring and summer where you can enjoy a variety of intense greens, changes completely in autumn, when all colours - from yellow to more intense magenta- are present as if it were a painter’s palette. Alta Garrotxa offers images of different gradients, with crystal clear waters in rivers and gorges, surrounded by majestic walls that make the terrain not only a very photogenic place, but also a place to enjoy different activities depending on the season. For example, in the summer one can swim, walk and lose oneself in this wilderness, sparsely populated paradise.  This is why repeating visits at different times of the year is a guaranteed success.

Another of its charms are the different villages that make up the area, from Besalú to Hostalets d'en Bas: they all have a peculiarity in common, and that is that they are beautiful and quiet villages, where you can as easily feel inspired staring at a facades; noticing a patio full of plants, a detail in the cobbled streets or crossing a bridge that breathes history.  And talking of history, there is no better way to get to know a people than to follow their traditions throughout the many festivals that are held during the different seasons of the year: these occasions will take you back to the past, and via the photos allow you to relive and recreate those magical moments.