La Garrotxa, pioneers in promoting the use of shared electric mobility


La Garrotxa, pioneers in promoting the use of shared electric mobility

14 Jun

At the beginning of 2019 Som Mobilitat and the associations: Turisme Garrotxa and Turisme Rural de la Garrotxa reached an agreement which aimed to enhance collaboration by providing people with shared electric mobility when staying at the associated tourist lodging. The agreement meant that both organizations were able to progress with the same objective: that of providing all those arriving by public transport with a need to rent a car while staying in the area of  La Garrotxa with sustainable mobility of some kind. 

The idea of a tourist service linked to La Garrotxa that provides shared electric vehicles is a leap forward in a more sustainable mobility for the area, thus decreasing the negative impact that effects the area, both environmental and social, due to traffic caused by an increase in tourism. The new service also counts on other local stakeholders within the area,  from those working in hospitality (rural B&B’s and hotels) to local travel agents, and helps with the sustainable development and transition toward sustainable energy from another perspective: that of shared electric mobility. It is a pledge to adopt and promote the tourist model based on both local and global environmental outlooks, a feeling of respect for the countryside and the surrounding valleys of Olot and La Garrotxa, a feeling that has been shaped in many ways by the topography itself, the rivers and protected landscapes, considered special, natural, and of cultural interest. It is also a pledge to transcend towards a non-profit collaborative and cooperative economic model,  that opens up new horizons and new opportunities in services.

The cooperative, with the support and promotion of a strong group of active members, now owns 3 electric cars, 2 of which have a 250 km autonomy and 1 that has a 100km autonomy. Olot was one of the first places where Som Mobilitat began to operate and offer this service a year and a half ago. 

Som Mobilitat is a cooperative that was established in Mataró in 2016 providing products and services to enhance a more sustainable mobility. It has a local, national and international outlook. It operates within short distances with members who are interested in offering sustainable mobility options to others in each of their own territories. It works with a belief that the positive impact within a small area creates in turn a positive global impact, and that the most sustainable mobility can only be electric and shared. Carsharing with electric cars that are recharged with renewable energy is its main activity and this is managed through an app that allows one to book and use these vehicles.  Som Mobilitat members use the app themselves as well as any guests staying in La Garrotxa.

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